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Welcome to Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic, Dr. Hendricks is a chiropractor who uses true principals of chiropractic care. We are committed to relieving your pain. Contact us today and see for yourself what a difference modern equipment and technology can mean for you and your bodies well being.

Dr. Derrick Hendricks

Dr. Derrick Hendricks has been saving lives as a chiropractor since 1993. In April of 2007, he established Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic on Elkhart’s growing East side. His vision was simple: bring a wellness facility to Elkhart County that treats the whole person and is not merely focused on individual symptoms. Dr. Hendricks is an Elkhart native who graduated from Concord High School, attended Manchester College as a premed student, and received his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Hendricks graduated from chiropractic school with academic recognition of Magna Cum Laude, Pi Tau Delta Society membership, and was listed as a Presidential Scholar. Dr. Hendricks practiced traditional “hands on” manipulation for thirteen years before receiving advanced training in the computer assisted Pro-Adjuster treatment. This type of adjustment opens the door to patients who otherwise would not consider chiropractic care due to fears surrounding an adjustment. Dr. Hendricks takes pride in the ability to provide chiropractic care to any patient through the availability of multiple adjusting techniques. In his early teen years, Dr. Hendricks learned about the chiropractic philosophy and how interference in the nervous system can hinder the body’s expression of health. From that point, his passion was to become a Doctor of Chiropractic and help patients heal naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. It was a perfect fit for someone that believes the human body is a miracle and therefore capable of self-healing and self-regulation. Dr. Hendricks resides in the Elkhart area with his wife, Kelli, and their three children, Joel, Jared, and Megan.  He enjoys spending time with his family and participating in outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing and skiing.

Dr. Matthew Coury

Dr. Matthew Coury is Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic’s newest chiropractor. Originally from Orlando, Florida, Dr. Coury graduated from Lake Mary High School, attended Florida State University for his Exercise Science degree, and received his doctorate from the Florida campus of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Coury prefers to practice through use of both the “hands-on” technique and the technologically advanced Pro-Adjuster. Dr. Coury loves the versatility that these techniques bring to the table, as they can be applied to a large majority of patients to bring them back to health. Dr. Coury learned about the chiropractic profession after his father suffered debilitating side effects from medications preventing him from doing his job. Ever since then, Dr. Coury has been dedicated to the chiropractic profession and learning to heal the community without the use of drugs or surgery. Dr. Coury currently lives in the Mishawaka area with his girlfriend Nina, who is getting her PhD in Neuroscience at Notre Dame, and their two puppies. Being from Florida, Dr. Coury will most likely be complaining about how cold he is. Please feel free to poke fun at him when visiting us.

Bridget Smith

Bridget is married with four beautiful children and two dogs. She attends Grace Community Church and loves volunteering there regularly. She graduated from Northridge High School and attended American Massage School. She always has had a passion for helping others. After a severe accident acquiring chronic back pain she decided to pursue massage. She looks forward to assisting Dr. Derrick and Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic (ATC) patients along with their family and friends.


Karen has a passion for health, nutrition and coaching people to a healthier lifestyle.  “I believe that our bodies were made unique and  we should be proactive and maintain them through chiropractic care.  She has been married for 25 years, loves gardening and the outdoors.


Tamera is Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic’s clinical assistant. Tamera too, has been with ATC since 2007. She has maintained  her state license in radiography for numerous years and has a long resume dedicated to the chiropractic profession. Tamera has blessed many patients helping to treat the cause of their symptoms and resolving symptoms rather than medicating the issue. Tamera has an positive, infectious personality and makes each person feel special and listened to as they describe whatever ails them. She is a cowgirl at heart and there is not one issue (or dare) that she won’t tackle with strength and perseverance. Tamera brightens every patient’s day that walks through the office doors.

Dr. Hendricks and wife Kelli feel blessed to have long-standing, dedicated employees who love the Lord and touch each person they come in contact with each day with positive and uplifting attitudes. They are a light in our office and God has blessed this practice because of each of one of them. We are truly thankful to our Lord and Savior for bringing them into our lives.