A Personal Testimony

Monica, Cora, and Corbin

Being a new parent is hard. Being a new parent of twins? That’s just a whole new level of difficult.

These precious babies are truly a blessing, but raising them definitely requires some extra support. Monica Rivers realized early on that she was going to need that extra support, and quick.

Monica’s sweet little twins, Cora and Corbin, were barely out of the womb when she knew that something wasn’t quite right with either one of them. Cora wasn’t spitting up like the average babe, but instead was struggling with projectile vomiting on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Corbin suffered from the dreaded colic every single evening, and was clearly in a lot of pain every time he tried to pass gas.

Monica reached out for support. One supporter, in the form of her sister-in-law, told her about how she took her daughter to a chiropractor for her projectile vomiting. Monica wasn’t sure what she thought about taking her tiny, 8-week-old baby to a chiropractor. But in her desperation she figured, why not? Might as well bring Corbin along and see what happens!

Reaching out to another leg of her support system, Monica called her sister, Bridget Smith. Bridget is our resident massage therapist here at ATC. When Monica asked her if Dr. Derrick worked on babies, Bridget responded with a very confident “YES!” It was decided. Cora and Corbin were headed to Dr. Derrick for their first adjustments.

After only two adjustments, Monica noticed significant improvements in both Cora and Corbin. Cora completely quit vomiting! Corbin was still exhibiting some colicky behavior in the evenings, but the fussiness didn’t last nearly as long. He was also no longer crying every time he passed gas. As a major bonus, both of the twins were sleeping much better!

Watching our babies suffer and struggle through issues like Cora and Corbin were dealing with is heartbreaking. Monica feels the weight of the world has fallen from her shoulders now that her twins are healthy and happier than ever. Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic has become a key component in her growing support system as she raises these precious little people.

Monica says, “Understanding treatment and its benefits at such a young time for the twins will help them for the rest of their lives, and that is the least I can do for them as their Mommy. [Going to ATC] has been a great experience!”

Now she has plans to get a few adjustments herself so she can continue to be the best Mommy for Cora and Corbin!SaveSave