“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” -Thomas Edison

Here at Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic, we wholeheartedly agree with Edison’s sentiments. We believe that if more of the population recognized the benefits of long term chiropractic care, Thomas Edison’s prediction might’ve been closer to a reality today. Caring for the human frame, encouraging proper diet, and preventing disease are all part of a chiropractor’s job description.

Long term chiropractic care offers significant benefits to your overall quality of life. Medications may offer a quick fix, but chiropractic care is essential to getting to the root causes of pain and other conditions without the use of potentially dangerous drugs.

Here are the long term benefits to long term chiropractic care:

Preventative Care

Just like muscles weaken after lack of use, without regular chiropractic care, your spine can become misaligned and subluxations will occur. Gravity alone can cause these issues. Each adjustment strengthens any problem areas which not only can prevent future injury, but can also prevent nerve and bone degeneration.

Strengthened Immune System

A healthy spine allows your body to be equipped to ward off future illnesses. The spine is the communication system for the body. A subluxation-free spine gives your body the best chance to stay healthy all year long. Don’t wait until your sick to get an adjustment! Especially during flu season, make regular adjustments a part of your routine.

Organ Support

Your spine is the communication system of your body. Each spinal nerve has a job to do in order to keep your organs working properly. Keeping those lines of communication open through long term chiropractic care sets you up for overall health. Research shows that regular adjustments can increase lung capacity and potentially prevent heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues.

Increased Range of Movement

Chiropractors do more than simply realign your spine. Dr. Hendricks does so much more, even working your hands and feet and jaw as needed. Additionally, these manipulations help keep your soft tissue, well, soft. This allows for more flexibility and can help prevent injuries over the long term.

Whether you have a specific reason to visit the chiropractor or you recognize the benefits of long term chiropractic care and want to get started today, contact Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic. To truly enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care, it’s time to make it a regular part of your healthy routine. Make Thomas Edison’s dream a reality for your life!