The average Joe typically considers chiropractic care to be something for adults to utilize after a car accident or a fall. It’s only for people who have life-altering back or neck pain, right? Certainly not for a child!

If you’re a Joe, convinced that chiropractic has its tiny corner of the world for the especially crooked spine, let me set the record straight:

Chiropractic is for everyone. Everyone. That includes you and your child.

This is wonderful news when you realize how much your spine impacts your overall health. Your spine not only holds you upright, it is the protector of your nervous system. When the spine is out of alignment, the brain cannot communicate with the rest of your body in the way that it should. This manifests itself in several different ways.


When Should Your Child Get an Adjustment?

The need for an adjustment can look different in a child than you might think. It’s not often your child will simply tell you that his neck is sore from looking down at his tablet or that her lower back is aching from last week’s soccer game. But as a parent, you’re likely to notice when something isn’t quite right.

Check out this list of signs that your child may need an adjustment:

Recently went through the birth canal.

If your baby has been born, go ahead and grab an appointment! The birthing process can be traumatic on the tiny baby’s whole body. It can wreak some havoc on mom’s body, too, so schedule yourself an appointment while you’re at it.

Dealing with colic and digestive issues.

A colicky baby can be exhausting for the parents, but your poor child is crying incessantly for a reason. He’s dealing with intense abdominal pain from digestive issues. An adjustment can get things moving again.

Sleeping problems.

It’s perfectly normal for newborns to wake regularly in the night, but if your child is regressing in her sleeping habits, it may be time for an adjustment. Older children may also suddenly have trouble sleeping well. Consider this a clear sign that an adjustment is in order.

Bed wetting.

Is your potty-trained child suddenly waking up wet? Or maybe a particular child has had bed wetting struggles for years. Either way, an adjustment just might be the missing ingredient to a dry night.

Behavioral changes/ADD/ADHD.

Remember how important the spine is to your central nervous system? Emotional and psychological health are controlled by the nervous system. Attention Deficit Disorder is known to be a nervous system disorder, so it stands to reason that a trip to the chiropractor would be a wise decision in these situations.

Colds/Ear infections.

If your child’s nervous system isn’t working to its full potential, his immune system takes a hit. Proper alignment will allow his body to put up its best fight against illness.


If your child spends a lot of time slouching, or if you notice one shoulder is higher than the other, her head tilts a little to the side, her one foot turns out while she walks, or anything that appears to be a little off, bring her in. Good posture is essential to avoid future aches and pains.

Injury or accident.

Yes, chiropractic is also for children involved in a car accident or who have experienced some kind of injury.

Complaints of pain.

Your child may simply let you know that his neck hurts or her back hurts. But it may also be headaches or joint pain. Sometimes children may have trouble pinpointing where the pain is. A chiropractor can figure it out for them!


Is It Safe?

Short answer: Yes!

Dr. Derrick at Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic has over 25 years experience treating patients of all ages. He is currently enrolled in the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association certification program. Dr. Derrick consistently attends conferences and seminars to further his knowledge and stay current in pediatric care. Caring for a child’s health is one of his fortes.

When adjusting a child, Dr. Derrick uses slightly different methods than when he adjusts an adult. It’s gentler and perfectly suitable for a child’s small body.

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If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, or you’re interested in more information, feel free to contact us! We look forward to serving you!