Lifting weights is by no means a new phenomenon, but it’s become rather popular as of late. If you’re thinking that weights are a trend that will die out like so many other forms of exercise, it’s actually possible you’re right. But that’s only because trends ebb and flow. A person who is truly interested in living a healthier and happier life will ignore the trends and make weight lifting a normal part of the exercise routine.

Read on for all the reasons you should be lifting weights whether it’s trendy or not:

Burns More Calories

After a weight training session, you could spend the rest of your day sitting in your office chair and still be blasting calories. That’s right, your body will keep burning those calories long after your workout is over. This is because your body is actively repairing the fibers of your muscles, expending energy in the process.

Burns More Fat

When compared with straight cardio, lifting weights scores just about the same in the weight loss department. The difference? Weight loss that comes solely through cardio involves loss of muscle as well as fat. Weight lifting builds muscle, and muscle burns fat. The scale may look the same whether you go all cardio or include weights, but your body does not!

Makes You Healthier

Regular resistance training goes beyond looking healthier. Studies show that building muscle also builds stronger bones. Meanwhile, regular lifting sessions have proven to significantly reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack.

Makes You Happier

Exercise in general works wonders for improving mood. Those feel good endorphins are crave-worthy. But a recent study found that weight training may be especially powerful in combatting depressive symptoms. And the extra good news is you don’t even have to be good at it. The findings proved that it doesn’t matter your health, skill level, age, or even how heavy the weights, moods improved across the board.

Helps You Sleep

It’s super frustrating to struggle with sleep, but did you know that chronic impaired sleep leads to a shorter life? That means sleep is essential to your existence! Thankfully, lifting weights could make all the difference. Studies show that regular resistance training leads to higher quality of sleep. Add in the fact that you are a less depressed and anxious person, and you’ll be catching more Z’s than ever before.

Helps With Productivity

Get more done in less time? Yes please! Exercise makes you more productive. But weight training takes it to the next level by slowing the aging of your brain. You’ll be staving off memory loss and dementia with your weights routine. This does require lifting at minimum of two times a week. Well worth the payoff in the opinion of those who value their brain.

Leads to a Longer Life

We’ve touched on this already– better sleep, younger brain, less depression, lower risk of stroke and heart attack. All good things that contribute to a longer life. But it doesn’t stop there. Strong muscles, especially as you approach and pass middle age, lower the risks of disease and cancer. In fact, keeping up those strong muscles through middle age and beyond may reward you with the wise age of 85 without a single major disease.


Being in proper alignment will enhance your exercise, so be sure to visit Dr. Hendricks for an adjustment!

Live a longer and happier life with weight lifting as a key part of your exercise routine. Trendy or not, your muscles will thank you.