It’s official: measles has made its way into Indiana.

Pockets of outbreaks are scattered throughout the US. People are scared. Some are even terrified. Blame is being tossed around, and some are simply being cruel. Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York tried to ban unvaccinated children from public places. When that didn’t work, he announced mandatory vaccination with fines attached for not complying. The order implies vaccines may be enforced in spite of the fines.

The Power of Fear

Fear has the power to make us lose our minds. It can make us illogical, irrational, and just plain foolish. It can even lead to rash and detrimental decisions. While fear is not bad in and of itself, our response to it can wreak havoc.

In the US in 2017, there were 37,133 deaths attributed to motor vehicle crashes. But somehow we’re much more afraid of dying by spider bite (6 deaths a year) or shark attack (1 fatality in 2018). Our fears can truly be out of proportion with the actual risk. If our fear could be trusted at all, no one would drive and spiders as pets would be normal.

The Fear of Measles

A key ingredient to our disproportioned fear is the unknown. Because the wild strain of measles isn’t very common anymore, the average joe doesn’t know a whole lot about it. In fact, the vast majority of Americans know little more than the fact that there’s a vaccine for it. If there’s a vaccine for it, that must mean it’s a horrifying disease that we should all fear, right?

Let’s reel back that wildly disproportioned fear, because no, that’s not right. While it’s true that in the 1800s measles was an infectious virus that killed thousands, by the 1950s (the decade before the vaccine was introduced) the death rate had plummeted to less than one per 100,000. And it was continuing on a downward trend.

Measles certainly isn’t pleasant. It involves high fever, cough, runny nose, and red, watery eyes. Eventually a rash will break out across the whole body. As with all illnesses, there are potential complications like pneumonia, encephalitis (swelling of the brain), and yes, death. But let’s put this into perspective: you’re just as likely to die from falling out of bed as you are from the measles. In other words, chances are very good that you’re going to be just fine.

Maybe even better than fine.

Studies (here, here, here, and here) have found that measles may even be beneficial to your future health. Not only does the wild strain of measles typically lead to immunity for life (unlike the vaccine strain), it also boosts your immunity against all sorts of other illnesses and diseases including cancer and Parkinson’s.

Proportioned Fear

Let’s take a look at an aspect of measles that we should be concerned about, maybe even a little fearful of: The measles vaccine and the widely accepted lies surrounding it.

The original measles vaccine, introduced in 1963, contained “killed” virus along with aluminum and formaldehyde-inactivated monkey kidney cell cultures. It wasn’t for another four years before studies discovered that this vaccine caused pneumonia, severe fevers and headaches, and possible encephalopathy– all things the vaccine claimed to protect against. The inactive measles virus vaccine was then abandoned in spite of claims that measles incidence dropped dramatically when it was introduced.

Why was it believed that measles incidence declined as a result of the vaccine? Because the wild strain of measles did become less common as a result of the vaccine. In its place: vaccine-induced measles. These measles weren’t (and continue to not be) reported as measles. Instead, if measles symptoms are found in the recently vaccinated, it is not considered measles and therefore not reported as such.

The newer reproductions of the vaccine containing live cultures of measles came with promises that measles would be wholly eradicated in as little as one year and everyone would have a lifelong immunity with a single shot. More than 5 decades later we’re still seeing the measles and are now being told that we need multiple “boosters” to keep up our “lifelong” immunity. What we’re not being told is that exposure to wild measles is actually key to continued immunity under the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the newest and most improved vaccine is still causing the same issues as all the attempts before it: measles-like symptoms and no lifelong immunity. Unfortunately, that’s not all the problems being discovered as time passes and more vaccines are administered. Physicians for Informed Consent share that some of the severe side effects of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine “include deafness, long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, permanent brain damage, and death.” There are no safety studies related to cancer, genetic mutations, or impaired fertility according to the vaccine insert. No studies at all.

If you’re feeling a little fear, good. Let that fear motivate you to dig deeper. (You’ll find several links to get you started at the bottom of this post.)

Fear Manipulation

You know what else we should fear much more than measles or even the vaccine? The way the government, big pharma, and the media uses our fears to manipulate our thinking. They use the most delicate of fears – the health and safety of our children – to manipulate us into believing their agenda. In the process, they make bank while we hand over our freedoms. Whatever conclusion you come to about vaccines, stand firm in your right to come to that conclusion. The scariest thing our country faces right now is the loss of individual freedoms.

What To Do About Measles

Calm your own fears about measles by making your way through the following links, staying informed through your own research rather than falling prey to fear manipulation.

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Don’t stop with these links! Keep digging! And then head back here in the future to learn about how to naturally deal with measles. See, the only thing you really have to fear about measles is the disproportioned, manipulated fear itself.