It’s (still) that time of year: flu season. If you live just about anywhere in the Midwest, you or someone you know has likely dealt with the wretched flu this year. It’s been rampant.

As a recovered flu sufferer, I feel it’s my duty to share how visiting Dr. Hendricks at Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic set me on the path of recovery.

First thing’s first, though. If you haven’t fallen prey to the flu, there are ways to protect yourself! And not just washing your hands every five minutes. Visit our post that spells out how Dr. Hendricks protects himself from the flu. (Hint: there is NO flu shot involved!)

Now, if you’re like me and are not on top of taking the necessary supplements to protect yourself and end up becoming a victim of the vicious flu, fear not! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hendricks. This is how he’ll help you:

The chiropractor will help build up your immune system.

If you’re already suffering from the flu, are struggling to recover from it, or are simply wanting to avoid it all together, a quality adjustment is essential. Why? Well, an adjustment corrects the alignment of your spine. Your spine is the largest part of your central nervous system. There is ample evidence that there is a very close connection between a healthy nervous system and a healthy immunity. This all means that when your spine is out of alignment, your body has a really hard time healing itself. And it becomes more susceptible to illnesses and diseases.

When you get an adjustment while you are still sick, you’re giving your body what it needs to battle that nasty flu bug and come out a winner.

The chiropractor will help relieve the aches and pains.

The flu can often present itself slightly different from patient to patient. But most of us experience some aches and pains along with the fever and chills. These aches and pains can cause stiffness and some serious discomfort. Trust me when I say that this discomfort makes it incredibly hard to get any quality sleep.

After a visit to Dr. Hendricks, I was finally able to get comfortable enough for a full night’s sleep. And this resulted in a speed up in my recovery. Not to mention the sheer joy of sweet relief!

The chiropractor can offer tips for a speedy recovery.

Never be afraid to ask your chiropractor questions! The best kinds of chiropractors aren’t going to crack your neck and send you on your way. Instead, they will talk to you about what they noticed when adjusting you. They’ll give you pointers on how to best take care of your spine and your body as a whole to stay or get healthy.

Dr. Hendricks offers both supplements and essential oils to help you through your flu recovery. Available at his office is Viracid which is a powerful immune support. Another recommendation that he carries in his office is Vitamin K2 with D3. These vitamins are often severely lacking in the winter which plays a role in why the winter is flu season! Combine these amazing supplements with Dr. Hendricks’ essential oil recommendations and the flu will be a part of your past in no time.

Don’t let the flu knock you down and keep you down! Visit Dr. Hendricks right away and speed your way to recovery!