Considering a visit to your local chiropractor? We think that’s an excellent idea! To allay any trepidation, here is a basic rundown of what to expect during your first visit to the chiropractor.

Your First Visit…

Your first visit to Dr. Hendricks at Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic, and likely other chiropractic offices as well, will begin with a brief viewing of an informational DVD. This DVD will give you the basics of chiropractic care and how things are done at Amberwood Terrace.

Following the DVD viewing, Dr. Hendricks will join you and introduce himself. He will then take the necessary time to get to know you and your health concerns. Dr. Hendricks has a wealth of chiropractic knowledge and can answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

After this initial consultation with Dr. Hendricks, you will be released to be cared for by his chiropractic assistant. Tamera is gifted in making patients feel heard and encouraged. She will take your vitals and do thermal scans of the spine.

Thermal scanning, or Thermography, is a safe and painless way of detecting abnormalities in the spine. It does this by measuring the heat in your body. Where heat is found at higher levels than is typical, this is an indication of a potential subluxation (or a partial dislocation).

Once Tamera has taken your vitals and completed the scans, Dr. Hendricks will do an exam. During this exam, Dr. Hendricks will do palpation of the spine which means he will gently feel up and down your spine for any subluxations. He will also perform orthopedic tests which involve different movements to assess abnormalities and tenderness.

Through these various examinations, Dr. Hendricks will recommend radiographs (x-rays) if he believes them to be necessary or beneficial. The radiographs are performed right in the office at Amberwood Terrace.

Finally, Dr. Hendricks may decide to do some therapy and adjustments on your first visit, depending on the situation. You will then schedule a follow-up appointment.

Your Second Visit…

On your second visit with Dr. Hendricks, he will discuss with you his Report of Findings and a plan of action. This plan will be catered to your personal needs discovered during your first visit. Dr. Hendricks will offer his professional and expert advice for going forward. Then you will officially begin your new and rewarding journey with chiropractic care!

Sometimes the first step toward a healthier life can be the hardest. But now that you know what to expect at your first visit to the chiropractor, you have nothing to worry about! Take that first step with confidence and walk into a healthier, happier life! Contact Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic today.