If you’ve always thought that chiropractic care is just for the injured, you’re not alone. Many have fallen into the trap of this misinformation. Yes, you want to head straight to your favorite chiropractor after a car accident or a fall or anything related to an injury. But this is only one of the many reasons to set up an appointment.

Why Get Chiropractic Care?

Here are some of those many reasons for getting chiropractic care even if you’re not injured:

Chronic pain

70 million Americans deal with chronic pain. And the stats are only getting worse. As a result, opioid use is also on the rise. Chronic pain also impacts mental health. Slapping a bandaid on persistent neck or back pain is a downward spiral that no one wants to be on but far too many already are.
Chiropractic care is no bandaid. With proper adjustments, many of those currently suffering from daily pain could find significant relief without any drugs involved.


Similar to chronic pain, headaches impact a large amount of the population. Some stats say up to three-quarters of the entire world suffer from headaches. While the causes are both numerous and nuanced, a chiropractor can help. The most common type of headache, especially in these difficult times, is a tension headache. Loosening up the tension in your neck and back through an adjustment could completely relieve the headache.

Even if you only experience a headache once in awhile, visit your chiropractor. There’s no reason to put up with the pain if the chiropractor can help!


One of the reasons the human population deals with chronic pain and headaches is because of poor posture. We spend our days at a desk, staring at our phones, in the car, or doing physical labor. All of these things can lead to poor posture which in turn leads to pain. Not only that, poor posture can cause fatigue and digestive issues among other things.

Most of us have been walking around with poor posture for years. This can’t be fixed by simply pulling back our shoulders and standing taller. A visit to the chiropractor is necessary to straighten you up.


Your spine is the largest part of your central nervous systemThere is ample evidence that there is a very close connection between a healthy nervous system and a healthy immunity. This all means that when your spine is out of alignment, your body has a really hard time healing itself. And it becomes more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. On the flip side, a healthy spine can equal a healthy body.

Give your body its best chance to fight disease and illness by visiting your chiropractor before you get sick!

Blood Pressure

Half of all Americans have high blood pressure. This is usually dealt with by using main stream medication. While these medications have their place, they also come with a plethora of side effects including frequent urination, fatigue, swelling and inflammation, and anxiety. But if high blood pressure is not dealt with, it could lead to heart attack or stroke which are, in fact, the leading cause of death in the United States.

Before resorting to medication, visit your chiropractor. Studies show that regular adjustments can be as effective, if not even more so, than medication.


Of course, if you are injured, visit your chiropractor! Chiropractic care is for the injured, too. Whether that injury is from a sudden fall or accident, or it has come on slowly with overuse, the chiropractor can help. When your spine is at its best, you are at your best!

Visit Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic

Chiropractic care isn’t just for the injured. It’s for just about everyone! If you suffer from any of the above conditions or you simply haven’t been to the chiropractor in awhile, contact Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic today!