Spring has finally arrived! (In spite of the snow we saw the other day…) This means gardening is on a lot of our minds. Some believe that gardening is a non-essential activity during this quarantine but I am here to argue for the necessity of this pastime. Especially where it relates to our health, both physically and mentally.

Avid gardeners are typically chomping at the bit to get their hands in fresh, Spring soil. But with many schedules suddenly and completely cleared, there are quite a few novices working out their green thumbs for the very first time. Here are plenty of reasons to not only justify gardening, but to encourage you to dig in this year and for every year to come!

Gardening is Essential because…

It can boost your immune system.

We’re just going to jump right into the reason why gardening is essential especially during quarantine. We all need a healthy immune system, but if there ever was a time to commit to building it up, it is during this corona virus pandemic.

How does gardening boost your immune system? In a variety of ways, in fact.

  • Gardening requires time spent outside. When you are outside, you absorb all-natural Vitamin D from the sun. This Vitamin is a key ingredient for a healthy immune system. Additionally, a Vitamin D deficiency contributes to increased risk of infections.
  • While you’re outside, you can’t help but breath in some fresh air. Fresh air is a vital part of a healthy life. Check out how the “open-air treatment” plan seriously impacted past pandemics. No masks necessary while you’re gardening!
  • Regular, physical activity is associated with longer life! It lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke. More on exercise in a minute.
  • Those who garden are more likely to eat their vegetables. A healthy diet is essential to a healthy immune system. Here are some foods to consider for your garden this year.

It is physical activity.

If you find yourself in the 60+ age group, you’re considered in the high risk category for covid-19. There are plenty of theories as to why this is, but one of ours is the fact that the older generation is less likely to exercise. Whether it’s simply a lifestyle choice to be more sedentary or it’s a forced situation based on physical health, lack of exercise is proving to be detrimental to your overall health.

Gardening is essential because it provides a way to get some non-exercise physical activity into your life. There is no need to start a marathon training regimen. Instead, dig in the dirt. It’s the kind of exercise that keeps on giving in so many essential ways!

It relieves stress.

We are seeing serious health impacts of stress during this quarantine. People are in a constant state of worry. If relieving stress was the only impact gardening had on our health, it would still be essential!

Gardening is creative. It’s a form of art. Here is a study that shows that creativity reduces your stress hormone (cortisol) levels. Exercise plays a role in cortisol levels, as well. And did you know that simply looking at nature can relieve your stress? It’s true! Combine that with the satisfaction of creating a beautiful and useful garden and you’ll finally be able to breath a (fresh air) sigh of relief.

It provides food.

It’s crazy to think that we may be approaching a time where growing our own food is essential to survive. But even if we don’t reach that level of economic downfall during this quarantine, you personally may be dealing with financial struggles. Gardening is very affordable and, when done well, can bless you abundantly. This abundance can also be used to bless others who may be in need and unable to garden themselves. And let’s not forget the fact that garden fresh fruits and veggies simply taste better than anything you’ll find at your local Walmart!

Will you be tackling the essential activity of gardening this year? Here at Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic, we are cheering on your endeavor. Remember to be mindful of your back as you bend over your garden! Schedule an adjustment with Dr. Hendricks to ensure your gardening experience is as beneficial as possible.

Happy Gardening!