What is Collagen?

The semi-scientific definition of collagen is a structural protein in our connective tissues including ligaments, tendons, hair, skin, muscles, and bones. The simple definition? Glue that holds all of our parts together.

Collagen really is that important. It is the most abundant protein we have. When the collagen in your body begins to degenerate… well you can imagine the implications! And, unfortunately, we all begin to lose this essential protein as early as in our 20s.

If you are losing collagen, you may notice some of these symptoms:

  • Wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity
  • Wounds are slower to heal
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength
  • Stiffness and loss of flexibility
  • Joint pain or osteoarthritis
  • Digestive issues

These symptoms are often just attributed to growing older, and that’s true! Collagen begins to deplete as we grow older. While we can’t stop time or hit the rewind button on our lives, we can do something about collagen loss.

Benefits of Collagen

We know what happens when we begin to lose collagen but how exactly does it benefit us?

Healthy skin, hair, and nails

Collagen plays a key role in the health of the skin. As your body produces less collagen, your skin becomes dehydrated and loses its elasticity. This translates into the dreaded wrinkles. Studies have found that adding collagen to your diet, through food and/or supplementation, can reduce the appearance of aging. While it is ideal to get ahead of your skin health, if wrinkles already plague your face, you can do something about them!

Meanwhile, collagen could boost hair growth and strengthen brittle nails. It is the anti-aging supplement you’ve been looking for!

Improves muscle mass

Up to ten percent of our muscles are made up of collagen. Even if your workout routine hasn’t changed at all, you could be losing muscle mass if you are also losing collagen production. Therefore, this protein is essential to protecting your muscle mass or even improving it.

Several studies have come to the same conclusion of the benefit of supplementing collagen. One particular study took 57 frail men and put them on a twelve week resistance training regiment. 27 of these men took collagen during this time and the results were clear. The men taking the supplement gained significantly more muscle mass and strength than those who did not.

Prevents bone loss

Our bones are almost entirely made up of collagen. Without the necessary amount of this vital protein, our bones lose their density and we run the risk of developing osteoporosis. There is ample evidence that taking a collagen supplement could improve bone density and could prevent osteoporosis.

Relieves joint pain

When our joints hurt, we tend to not want to move. And when we don’t get up and exercise, we run the risk of experiencing all sorts of health issues. Boosting your collagen intake could relieve that joint pain significantly. Cartilage, the tissue that protects our joints, depends on collagen to keep doing its job. The right supplementation could encourage your body to produce even more of its own collagen, reducing inflammation of the joints, strengthening the integrity of the cartilage, and thus relieving the pain. You’ll be able to get back to exercise and enjoy all the benefits that go along with an active lifestyle.

Promotes heart health

Even your heart could greatly benefit from adding collagen to your diet. Just as it strengthens muscles and bones, it could also encourage a healthy structure to your arteries. Without it, your arteries could become weak, fragile, and narrow. This could lead to heart attack or stroke.

Not only will your arteries benefit, but studies show that you could see an increase in “good” cholesterol. This also plays a major role in preventing heart conditions.

The Supplement You Need

Here’s the really cool thing about collagen and your body: when you feed your body with collagen, it rewards you by producing more and more on its own. You are looking at slowing the aging process and feeling so much better to boot.

Dr. Hendricks is a firm believer in the benefits of collagen, which is why he carries only the best collagen supplements. CollaGEN, by Ortho Molecular Products, is his go-to collagen supplement.

CollaGEN contains:

  • Type I collagen with the mucopolysaccharides needed to keep it intact.
  • Type II collagen peptides
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium

Visit Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic to learn more about CollaGEN and pick some up for yourself. And get an adjustment with Dr. Hendricks while you’re at it!