Are you interested in how you can naturally protect yourself against a virus? Whether it be the coronavirus or some other obscure (or familiar) virus, these tips will help you defend your body against illness!

Protect Yourself Naturally

It probably comes as no surprise that natural ways are our favorite ways here at Amberwood Terrace Chiropractic. While we recognize the necessity for less-natural options on occasion, we believe that working with your body to heal itself should always come first.

So what does that look like in light of a new virus, the likes of which our bodies have never encountered? In short, it looks just like when you naturally protect yourself against any virus and even the flu. Practically, here’s what you can do to naturally protect yourself against a virus:

Wash Your Hands

Yes, we’re joining the ranks like a broken record: wash your hands! Maybe it’ll become a habit among Americans that could reduce the spread of the flu in the future as well as ward off the coronavirus. Only good things come from basic hygiene.

But not all soaps and hand sanitizers are created equal. We recommend avoiding chemical-laced hand soaps. Steer clear of fragrances and preservatives that could cause more harm than good. Consider natural, essential oils based soaps.

While hand sanitizer is convenient, it should be used sparingly and only when the option of soap and water isn’t available. It is not as effective as soap and water. But there is also evidence that it could cause other health problems, especially in children.

Wash your hands, but don’t destroy your hands through over-washing. If your skin is becoming dried and cracked, you could be allowing for germs to get under the skin, defeating the whole purpose.

Before we use up this entire post on hand washing, let’s move on.

Take Your Vitamins

A multivitamin should be a part of your daily regimen. But when something like the coronavirus or the flu is floating around, it’s wise to add these supplements:

  • Vitamin C: Boost your immunity while empowering your body to heal by taking a high-quality vitamin C supplement as well as eating vitamin C rich foods such as citrus fruits and berries.
  • Vitamin D: Especially after months spent indoors, extra vitamin D is essential. According to THIS article: “Vitamin D — the ‘sunshine vitamin’ — is thought to protect against respiratory infections by boosting levels of antimicrobial peptides — natural antibiotic-like substances — in the lungs.”
  • Probiotics: There is a clear connection between the GI tract and your immune health. Taking a probiotic supplement will improve your gut health, thus your overall health.

Get Your Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important to your overall health. We all know this, but are we making it a priority? Especially in a time when anxieties are running high and illness is floating around, put down your device, turn off your TV, and get some high-quality shut-eye.

Along the same lines, work to reduce your stress levels. You can start by letting go of the fear of unknown viruses and taking the actions we’re discussing instead.

Move Your Body

By that, I mean, exercise! Exercise is for so much more than weight loss or muscle gain. It helps you sleep, makes you happy, and could even prolong your life. But there are theories that exercise could also help clear airways and even trigger an immune response.

It is important to note that long, excessive exercise could actually have the opposite affect. Keep moving regularly but do it wisely!

Eat Your Colors

You are already taking supplements per Dr. Hendrick’s advice. But even the best supplements aren’t going to make up for an unhealthy diet. When facing potential illness especially, your diet should be loaded with organic fruits and vegetables and be free of processed sugar.

Eating an orange a day for some all-natural vitamin C is an excellent idea, but it can’t be your only idea. Your body is far too complex to function well on one “superfood.” It needs a plethora of nutrients that only a plethora of healthy foods can provide. By eating this way, you aren’t healing your body, you’re giving your body what it needs to function optimally. And that means it has the ability to fight off any kind of virus thrown its way.

Calm Your Fears

Remember a few months ago when we were all in a panic over the measles? I encourage you to check out our post discussing measles-induced fear:

Fear has the power to make us lose our minds. It can make us illogical, irrational, and just plain foolish. It can even lead to rash and detrimental decisions. While fear is not bad in and of itself, our response to it can wreak havoc.

The very same things could be said of new viruses that breach our shores like, but not limited to, the coronavirus. We would even do well to remember to calm down when it comes to old familiar illnesses like the classic flu.

Visit Your Chiropractor

You knew we would bring this up! And that’s because it’s so important! Getting adjusted is a key piece of naturally protecting yourself against a virus. When you get all those subluxations corrected, your spine works optimally. A healthy spine equals a healthy immunity!

Dr. Hendrick’s is a skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor who wants to support you on your natural health journey. You can check out how he helped me recover from the flu HERE. And then you can contact his office to get yourself an adjustment.

Beat Any Virus Naturally

When you implement all of these tips, you’re giving your body all that it needs to handle a virus. This doesn’t mean you won’t ever get sick. But it does mean that should you fall prey to a virus, your body will know just what to do and have everything it needs to do it.

So don’t be afraid! Naturally protect yourself against a virus!